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Most Powerful Gay Men and Soul Search

May 24, 2017

Most Powerful Gay MenThrough the years, I hung onto the fact that I was never “pretty” enough to be at the cool kids table in the lunchroom. I never felt like I was quite one of the most powerful gay men I wanted to be in my early years. There comes a time when we must let go in order to invite better things in. I was also the person that would be ashamed to be who I was, thinking I was being “bad” for being myself. I was always drawn to individuals who were seen as less conventional, and maybe a little “unique.” Now that I am approaching the big 3-0, I am determined to get to the best shape of my life, I say to hell with that, because now I am the cool kid. I will be among one of the most powerful gay men.

Being one of the most powerful gay men, and learning from your past…

Through the death of a loved one, we review a panorama of memories and it almost seems cinematic. This is something that most powerful gay men face. In its truest form, we experience all the facets of that relationship, hopefully mostly moments of good, but more importantly, the interaction of that person who shaped us for the better. I wrote about my relationship with my grandmother in my book, and the title of her chapter, “Nostalgia,” remind us all of how love can be so simple and endearing in its truest form. As I look back on my grandmother, she was always my biggest cheerleader, saying, “with your good looks, hard work, and determination, anything is possible, Mason.” She wanted me to be one of the most powerful gay men I could possibly be! It made me think, that she is the only person I would have ever needed or wanted at my table. She was the person that knew my heart and wholeheartedly believed in me. I wonder how many of us have people around us, who just gossip over our rectangular pizza, instead of getting to the root of how we can strengthen the interactions of our soul towards one another? As I have interviewed many men over the years, 90%+ of them don’t want someone “in the scene.” To me, they view those men as the clique at your high school football game gawking at you and pressuring you to do something wrong for the sake of popularity. Keep in mind, the universal mantra of “what is popular is not always right, but what is right is always popular” never seemed so true to me. Do you have friends that say; “I’m here for you, if you need anything?” I sure hope so. This is a sign of you being one of the most powerful gay men you can possibly be!

What is great about experiencing a death of sorts, whether that is an actual one or even a break-up that felt like one, is that it gives us a testimony about how true our friendships are in actuality. We can be so much into the L.A. “how are you”-only culture, and why would we have those people around us just for the sake of being popular? Gentlemen, aren’t we too old for this? If something is important to you, you’ll put effort in – I will say that every newsletter if I have to, and this is something most powerful gay men hold for themselves.

My grandmother created a culture of warmth and admiration to everyone she encountered. I hope that can be something I will always practice in my own heart and hopefully in touching the ones of others. All I can do is trust that the universe will place me where I need to be and that I will be reminded of memories that enrich my soul.

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