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Man Seeking Man and Kindness

December 6, 2017

man seeking manThe only people who didn’t love her were the people who hadn’t met her yet.

I recount one bittersweet recent Sunday. My dear friend’s mother had passed away recently and that day was a celebration of her almost 98 years on this earth. I couldn’t help but remain sadly nostalgic about the passing of my own grandmother this year.

As a man seeking man, I took this as a reminder to love people no matter what and the true definition of kindness and acceptance of others who are not like us. Don’t wait to check in with someone; if you think about them, text or call them. Don’t wait to take a chance on a man seeking man because they could be the “one.” I know for me lately, it has been about not fitting into a mold that I place pressure on myself to be. My definition to be “ideal” was actually being compared to perfection, which put me in a place of worry, stress, and self-sabotage. We truly have so much to be thankful for – don’t forget that!

When we get into “holiday mode” we often get so caught up in the centrifuge of schedules that we often revert to the “I’m too busy” mentality. Here’s the thing – the people in your life who make the time for you in the presumably busiest part of the year, are your keepers. The man seeking man realize the value of time and more importantly, they understand balance. My theory is that these insouciant people do not value the “power of no.” At the end of the day, it is your choice to take that extra trip for work, to not text the guy you claim to like in a timely manner, or even make an excuse that you’ve been too busy to go on that second date. Mature man seeking man want results and not passive promises, with the option to bail. Here is where kindness comes in: realizing that you hold yourself to a higher standard and expecting that in return in an effortless way. Mutually kind man seeking man people are of the same tree and know where their roots lie and how they should be nurtured.

man seeking man

A man seeking man friend told me that what drives love and kindness is curiosity. For me, that resonated because with curiosity we often think of it of not knowing something from an inquisitive nature. A good synonym in this case is “intrigue,” “awareness,” or even “appreciation.” Over the years, the more successful relationships I have seen flourish come from the sense of the “he/she could finish my sentences” idealism. In the beginning, it’s important to just take a leap and take a chance wholeheartedly. It’s your fault for letting that man seeking man guy string you along for months on a dating application. It’s your fault for excusing someone’s lackadaisical behavior for more than two times when they feed you consistent, empty promises. Dude, make a plan or cut your losses. Don’t worry about being “too much” – worry about the other person being “too less.”

I hope this holiday season is full of the reminder of the nostalgic way of connecting with a man seeking man someone. When it doubt, show kindness because you want to be the guy that the other boasts and smiles about to his friends. Trust me, if you can make it through the holiday season with a man seeking man someone, the rest of the year is a piece of cake. And of course, that slice better be his favorite he mentioned in conversation passively, on a clean plate, and a glass of his favorite wine.

Happy holidays and happy New Year!

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