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Gay Power Couples and The Call Back

May 14, 2018

gay power couples“Thank you for calling me back.”
“Thank you for responding.”
“Thank you for the prompt response.”

How many times have you heard of this in normal vernacular of today’s age? I really start to pause and think about where we went wrong when it came to effective communication styles. With the advent of technology, I feel we, as humans, and sometimes gay power couples, have lost the value of true intimate connection. We’ve watered down and cheapened the idea of “checking in” with someone. We now have social media where we feel like we know someone based on a “like.” We see our friend’s kids from high school grow through a “like,” instead of a hug or conversation. I often wonder if, and when, this tactic will implode on itself and we will start over. I would think gay power couples check to make sure they are a solid unit with good communication.

I will say, I like that I can “catch up” with someone that is not normally in my circle through the bird’s-eye lens of my phone screen or computer. We all live busy lives and sometimes we just don’t have time to “check in” with someone so far away that normally has the same arrangement of arm’s distance attention. Gay Power couples probably balance with this with each other specifically. With the development of cellular phones and the internet, we have created this culture of convenience, but the caveat is that we have conveniently filled our lives with so many accessible “things” that we now do not have time for things that take more effort. I never thought that a trip to the grocery store required the same amount of energy as scheduling a phone call with a close friend just as busy as I am. I’m sure gay power couples face this issue a lot.

I wanted to closely look at current suicide and depression rates as I think social media and communication practices can really place a lot of emotional weight on someone’s mental equilibrium. According to my research from various sources like the CDC, men are far more likely to commit suicide – three-and-a-half times to be exact more than women. Worldwide depression has grown 18% since 2005, making it “the world’s most widespread illness,” according to the World Health Organization. What was really troubling was seeing that depression rates are on the rise for young adults. Even when a person suffers from a condition as this, only about 37% of those people actually receive proper treatment. In my opinion, we are sheltering our younger kids from learning proper communication styles and causing them to learn coping mechanisms through nonverbal methods. A “quick fix” is giving a child a screen of some kind, instead of a conversation. Overtime, there isn’t a true relief of that internal pressure, and I think this where the statistic has some ominous truth.

A friend of mine just sent me an article about a new dating term called “cricketing,” which was the start of this article’s inspiration. The title speaks volumes: “This Annoying Texting Habit May Be Ruining Your Relationships.” And trust me, this goes for all types of relationships. I recently saw a statistic that 79% of people love a text back after a good first date – let this sink in for a second. What I loved about this article, is that it creates a responsibility for someone who always claims to be busy. Gay power couples are, yes, always busy, but they seem to make the time for one another. This isn’t an excuse anymore, “to forget to respond.” Once you see the message, if you can’t respond right away, and you care for this person on a deeper emotional level, you acknowledge the message in some fashion. There then has to be a follow-through with a timeline of the full response: “I’m so sorry, I’m swamped today, but I’ll get back to you later tonight or tomorrow.” Then again, you can’t forget about responding. If I can do this, anyone can. My time is no more important that yours, correct? When I first started with my current company, I remember one of the owners telling me that one of the reasons why she hired me was because of my e-mails being so prompt and professional. This is something I try to practice in a lot of facets of my life as I’m sure a lot of gay power couples do as well. Just the other day, I met another friend for coffee and he said, “…you early? That’s rare.” Of course he was kidding because if I was ever late, I guess he would have felt I would be helplessly lying in a ditch somewhere.

We always have that person in our life who “doesn’t respond” or “is always late,” and I wonder how that speaks of their character. Sometimes we run into one of those entitled gay power couples who practice this song and dance.  After a while, you just stop caring. I have done this many times, especially as I mosey through that filtration in my early adulthood. I don’t have time for the “let’s hang out” person who is always busy after I have offered my time, and then the process starts again when I conveniently see him or her months later. I ponder how they are really hindering their growth with others because they are consistently given the “unaccountable” or “careless” label. When in doubt, be a part of the now minority that gives steps above the lagging normal and be the pleasant surprise where those crickets are obsolete.

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