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Gay Chat Good Vibrations

December 19, 2018

gay chatHere we are in the thick of the holidays. We’re being pulled in every direction in a lot of gay chat trying our best to be the best version of ourselves within our cumbersome social and travel obligations. Sometimes this holiday season might be something more personal to you, like donating your money or time to a philanthropic cause, or maybe it has to do with challenging ourselves to not over promise and really keep our head grounded and give ourselves an inventory on the things that make us truly happy.

Our current generation has proven to be very selfish as of late. We never want to gay chat in person, it’s always through our phones. I am a full advocate of thinking about your needs first in order to maintain an internal equilibrium of sorts. However, this dissipates when it starts to neglect other’s time and energy. I do thoroughly believe that people come into our lives for a reason, season, or lifetime. How often do we ignore the optimistic intent and be dismissive to something that could change someone else or ourselves for the better?

I get it, things happen in Los Angeles. There’s a difference between giving the “there was unexpected traffic, I’ll be 15 minutes late” apology to if you knew you would be vastly late before you even left. We sometimes no longer think about “being in another’s shoes,” but we expect someone to be okay with ours, in whatever condition. Given what I do professionally, I deal with scheduling meetings through a gay chat and juggling schedules on a very regular basis. When someone reschedules more than three times with me, my time is no longer a fit for theirs. I wonder if that individual asks themselves “what kind of impression am I giving when I do this.” I believe this person says to themselves, “things happen, Mason will understand.” This is lay of the land when it comes to a gay chat nowadays. In fact, I don’t understand how coordinating 30 minutes of my time to benefit you is something I want to patiently wait in the wings for.

A dear friend of mine and I were having a gay chat about a vibration level that’s apparent in people you really place in your trusted inner circle. Within this tribe, they respect you wholeheartedly, you have and maintain vulnerable conversations with them, and they hold you accountable. They have the ability to know when things are “off” without a prompt. I remember meeting this one guy and thinking it is too good to be true that he wanted to go on a date with me. He implored that no one asks him out on dates, and my theory was that he was so attractive that judgmental gays placed him in a certain archetypal box. Even though I fall in the same category, I thought to set up a date with him. At this point my my life, I was willing to make new and true friends, if anything – I really had nothing to lose. A few days pass and it seems this positive first date experience will quickly approach the “fizzle” category. I thought it was appropriate at this point to tell him that I needed to feel us getting to know one another felt equal. Because of my analytical research background, I wanted numerical reasoning of why I felt I was doing all the work. Turns out, I had instigated many a gay chat with him twice the amount he did, my response time to him was nearly 3 or 4 times faster, and I also offered 4 or 5 times to hang out with him again, but of course, he was unavailable. He hadn’t offered anything. He told me he doesn’t operate by “the ball is in your court” and also that “if we want to see each other, we’ll reach out.” Let’s review my math, please. After telling him, again, that I felt like everything was one-sided, he told me the conversation “was making him really sad,” and that his “feelings were hurt.” He didn’t feel things were one-sided at all within the contents of our gay chat. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to explain this situation to him. I ended the conversation with, “I’m sorry you are sad. The only thing I can do is offer my time to sit and chat with you in person because I don’t like texting back and forth when your feelings are being hurt when I don’t mean for it.” gay chatWithin this experience, he made this situation all about him. I should be the one being mad here, and to my declaration, I wasn’t. I remember telling him that he had a way with his life and I would never judge or blame him for that. As I stated in my last article, this past year has placed maintaining and holding onto the relationships that really matter to me under a magnifying glass. My expectations of communication are very different, and I would never expect someone to be exactly as I want them to be. This is what I’m getting to – vibration level. I didn’t want to teach this gentleman the way “things should be.” I don’t have time at the age of 31 to teach someone that natural barometer – you either have it or you don’t. Yes, a majority would think that my process is quite conventional and obvious when getting to know someone, but then again if I am at a higher level, and he isn’t where I am at, he would view me as condescending and critical which isn’t my goal. Individuals with your same vibration level will feel when there’s an inequality of sorts and be able to even it out without it feeling like it was a targeted task. For an example, in my younger days in the South, when one person would grab the food bill, and then it would be “you got it last time, let me get it this time.” The unsolicited prompt was an internal clock of generosity and compassion. To the individuals I see on social media with a countless amount of young men half your age taking advantage of your bottle service, ask yourself, are these people at my vibration level, or are they taking advantage of it? It’s time to have a serious gay chat.

Another friend of mine came with me to a recent Friendsgiving, and among all the people he met, he gravitated towards one of my friends that I’ve known since college. I’m not at all surprised, because I see both of them being of similar altruistic and balanced “real” energy. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve introduced myself to someone knowing that our relationship started and ended at the first hand shake. I’m sure we all feel that, and sometimes we let that first contact linger and realize that we’ve just wasted our time when we should have gone with our gut. Maintaining relationships in general should feel and be easy. Period. We need to have more relationships in our life where we “picked up where we left off” as opposed to “picking up pieces” or trying to find any to keep or find value to. As we hustle through this busy time, let’s stay positive, have a more in-person gay chat mantra, but mostly pay attention to the people in our lives that ring with a mutual desire to love others because we love them just as much.

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